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The Agency Advantage



Your key account personnel – Account Supervisor, Art Director, Account Executive and Account Manager – have more than 80 years of experience among them, and a wider range of experience and skills than you will probably find in any single individual whom you can afford to put on your payroll.


Selective Support

Together we refine the specific scope of work you want to accomplish. We provide you with those key components which your staff is not qualified to handle, and/or which would otherwise overload their responsibilities.  We complement your team.


Overhead, Training and Billable Time  

When you contract with an outside agency, you do not have to assume the costs of overhead, creating new workstations, or training in-house staff.  An Agency bills you only for the time actually spent working on your account – not for lunch hours, personal days or vacation time.  You do not have to administer payroll, unemployment insurance, social security taxes, health insurance or benefits.  In total, an agency's monthly retainer can easily cost less than a single salary for an in-house staff person.



Because of our wide range of contacts developed over 40 years in many areas, we are able to leverage important resources for our clients: access to decision-makers, media, sponsors, suppliers, and others.  We put our wide network of contacts at your disposal.



The media and others see us as qualified brokers of information.  Because of our reputation, they know that if we are representing you, it is something we believe in, and in which they can also believe.  Suppliers, too, recognize our role as brokers, and we can often negotiate better prices because we are an agency.


Critical Mass 

For growth-oriented organizations and those with expansive goals, an agency can provide you with the critical mass you need to propel your organization at fast-forward. We provide another base of operations for your needs.  And we combine our resources and talents with yours to strengthen, enhance and expand your success.


Thank you for your interest in Fusco & Four

We enjoy answering questions about our agency and our fine art and design events and special initiatives.  If you have a question about how our marketing and public relations services can benefit you, or about our events and shows, please give us a call or send an email



New Client Inquiries:  Tony Fusco, Director


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